Through its Technical Education Unit, Verbum Networks offers various ICT Research and Training. Verbum Networks is committed to providing qualitative and affordable IT education for organizations, businesses and all classes of individuals. We also offer mobile IT education that provides training for individuals and organizations, in the comfort of their homes or offices, which meets the time schedule and convenience of our clients.

We do not just provide IT training but also serve as the one-stop centre for all certification examinations. We achieve this by partnering with internationally recognized certifying bodies.

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 Computing & Internet Technology
   Learn to use the computer system & its accessories.
   Learn Word Processing using Microsoft Word.
   Learn Spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.
   Learn to make Electronic Presentations with MS Power Point.
   Learn the basics of Internet Technology its Applications.

   For Whom?
   Individuals interested in Computer & its Applications.
   Duration: 5 Weeks.

 Computing & Internet Research Technology
    Familiarity with the components & operations of a computer & its uses for research purposes.

    Demonstrate & understand how the Internet works & the range of resources & services available     on the Internet.

    Use Internet tools(search engines, directories, etc) to locate information on specific     subjects/tools.

   For Whom?
   Lecturers & others involved in research & academic work.
   Duration: 4 Weeks.

 Web Page Design & Development
   Learn to design & develop websites using Web design tools such as: HTML, Macromedia    Dreamweaver, Fireworks, JavaScripting, CSS.

   Learn web hosting

   For Whom?
   Individuals interested in Web design, development and Web applications.
   Duration: 4 Weeks.

 A+ Certification
   Learn Computer safety, work habits, tools & preventative maintenance.
   Learn computer hardware identifications, functions, assembling & troubleshooting.
   Learn to install & configure operating systems

   For Whom?
   Individuals interested in computer hardware
   Duration: 6 Weeks.

 Networking & Wireless Internet Access
   Learn to plan, deploy & troubleshoot LANs for homes, offices, cybercafés, & organizations.

   Configure & administer a windows server network.

   Deploy Internet access & services to a LAN.

   Learn to implement wireless networks, RF Technologies, WLAN securities, site survey & WiFi    Hotspots Technology.

   For Whom?
    Individuals interested in networking individuals in setting up a cybercafé.
    Individuals interested in a wireless networking & radio frequency engineering.
   Duration: 8 Weeks.

 Advanced Networking
   Learn how to manage a wide area wireless network & clients, IP Routing, Effective bandwidth    management & Network security, VSAT Installation & Connectivity.

   For Whom?
   Prospective ISP Engineers.

 Java Programming
    Learn Java programming fundamentals.
    Learn how to use Java documentation.
    Learn how to build web services.

   For Whom?
   Duration: 12 Weeks.

    Become AutoCAD compliant
    Access AutoCAD commands
    Create & edit objects
    Draw with precision & Work with layers
    Handle sophisticated tasks

   For Whom?
   Duration: 4 Weeks.

   Learn how to:

     Install, configure & operate simple routed LAN & WAN switched LAN.

     Understand & configure: IP, IGRP, Serial interfaces, Frame Relay, RIP, VLANs, Ethernet & access      lists.

     Install &/or configure network.

     Optimize WAN through internet-access-solutions.

   For Whom?
   Duration: 8 Weeks.

 Linux Technology (for RHCE)

   Learn how to install Linux operating systems & packages.
   Learn how to rebuild & patch kernels.
   Learn how to administer Linux networks
   Learn how to work with Linux shell.
   Learn how to optimize Linux security features & get resource materials for different utilities.
   Become certified for RHCE.

   For Whom?
   Duration: 4 Weeks.
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