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V-Web is committed to offering you the highest quality customer service and support. Our website design, promotion, web development, web hosting, domain registration, webmasters and miscellaneous resources provide a full range of online serives and marketing tips.

Domain name and Web Hosting
Register your domain name and host your website with us. We can help you manage your web space with our flexible hosting packages. Take advantage of our first-rate commitment to service and rich body of knowledge when you're ready to introduce yourself to the millions of users on the Internet.
Personal E-mail
This means having an e-mail account (
Business E-mail + SIWEP (3 E-mail accounts)
Business e-mail accounts are customized e-mail accounts attached to your domain name. (, org, net) SIWEP means Simple Web Pages

SchoolWeb Portal System    

SchoolWeb is a web-based student information system that enables schools and intitutions to record, access, report and manage their student data and performace records in real-time. It simplifies data-driven decision-making by provideing real-time information to all stakeholders - over the Internet

Features at a glance
  • Personal User Control Panel
  • Administer Time Table and Attendance
  • Record and view student academic results
  • Course Management System
  • School Profile
  • Online School Newspapers
  • Internal Private Messaging System
  • Parent Forums and Discussion boards
  • Personal Event Reminder
  • Suggestion Box

Personal Online System    

Personal Online system is an online tool suitable for academic, ideological, religious and other personal means of online outreach for members of academia and research, to keep web logs of academic, research and other works for personal, group and/or public viewing. It represents an up-to-date method of publishing on the Internet which is scalable and user-friendly even for those who are novices in web publishing.

Features at a glance
  • Own a web site and update if from the comfort of your home/office
  • Post your research materials on the Internet
  • Keep logs of recent research works on your site
  • Use fully-featured personal E-mail facilities
  • Make your site searchable from search engines
  • Have a personalized and customized layout design
  • Allow users to send comments and reponses on your site
  • Use mordern features like RSS to keep track of your content

Family Photo Gallery    

Our solutions are not restricted to bussinesses alone. We design web sites for families and individuals who want them as a means to reach out to friends and relatives. Our very affordable designs are made suit your needs of the Internet in your own small way.

Features at a glance
  • Own a web site and update if from the comfort of your home
  • Stay in touch with friends and relatives abroad
  • Enjoy fully-featured and customised e-mail facilities
  • View photos and images online
  • Participate in online family renuions
  • Use forums/chart rooms for communication

Customised Web Solution    

We also offer custom web solution that are tailored according to the specific needs of our customers. Each site wa create reflects the personality of the company/individual with whom we are working. In other words, our custom designs are not formulaic, but unique because at V-Web, we recorgnize that all our customers are different.


Verbum e-ministry Portal System   Database-driven Web Solution

Verbum e-ministry is a great tool on the web for religious outreach. With it, you can expand the reach of your ministry and thus attain a much wider audience. This portal system serves to complement the efforts of church evangelization by placing it on the virtual level where the outreach can be boundless.

Features at a glance
  • Post and update content for your daily/weekly/monthly onilne bulletin
  • Send announcements to the public
  • Personal online counseling
  • Receive suggestions from members of your community
  • Enjoy fully-featured and customised e-mail facilities
  • Use forums/chart rooms as communication channels

Customized Web solution (with full database intergration) design to match your specific individual/corpotrate needs


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