Secrecy, for the longest time now has been an all-time winning super star but very few realize how and why especially in the tech space. To many people, the secrets of Web designing and development as well as some other tech activities have been a misery and many tech guys would rather keep it that way. You do not necessarily need more than a laptop and a constant internet connection to get tech done. But you need a lot of intellectual capabilities and creativity to make your results as versatile and dynamic as possible. You need to undergo a serious training on some terms as well as steps to follow to get tech tasks done.

Furthermore, in discussing some of the terms and steps an aspiring tech guy or lady needs to acquire, we would mention eleven (11) skills you cannot do without;

Photoshop + Illustrator

Even though you won’t spend much of your time as a developer creating icons or visuals using these tools, you need to know how to make sense of files you get from designers on your team. That means you can do things like understand layers, read dimensions, and pull out colors.

For example, you may be working on a freelance project with a designer and she gives you PSD files with mobile mockups for the site, using layers for different device sizes and orientations. You need to know your way around well enough to replicate her design with working code.


Hypertext Markup Language is probably the first thing you will learn in your journey to becoming a web developer. It allows you to create the architecture and content of a website. It is like deciding that you want a house and making a list of all the rooms you will have, what floor they will live on, and what will be inside them. You will use HTML on an hourly basis!

Some of the first things you will do with HTML are create headlines, paragraphs, and bulleted and numbered lists. But putting the right HTML structure in place is very important as your projects grow in complexity. A few things to watch out for early on are naming conventions as you write your code (what you name things really affects the quality of your code!), and syntax, or the way you write the code.


Cascading Style Sheets (the second thing you will learn!) allow you to take that well-structured HTML and give it a facelift. You will take your house and decide on the size, shape, and decorations of the rooms, and you’ll make sure it is a pleasure to use; no creaky hinges! Like with HTML, you are likely to use CSS on an hourly basis while working as a developer in many jobs.

With CSS, you can tweak backgrounds, fonts, and colors, and even add cool animations. But it is also crucial for creating website layouts, especially in a world where your site needs to look good on devices that range in size from a few centimeters to several feet.

These three terms and skills are basics to developing your own web page. They are equally very important. Watch out for the next blog post for more WEB terms and skills you need to have. At Verbum Networks, you stand a chance of learning how to develop your own web page at an affordable price. Learn how to do tech quietly and see how your results/works make so much noise about your abilities.

Reference: Skillcrush

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