CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Installation

When it comes to a security monitoring system, you’re going to want clarity, control and easy-to-use functionality. That is exactly what Verbum Security Surveillance provides, and more. Verbum Security Surveillance will make protecting your family, home and business a breeze by offering easy to use and affordable camera systems. This can either be a HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) camera system, a HD Network Video Recorder (NVR) Camera system or a standalone WiFi camera. Our cameras will provide Full HD video for outdoor and indoor surveillance, either for daytime monitoring or even at night as most of our security cameras have infrared or night vision capability.

With our camera security systems, you can expect smooth playback at 1080P. Business and home security has never been easier with Internet remote viewing, allowing you to monitor your system from your smartphone, tablet or computer. To keep an eye without skipping a beat, motion activated push notification and email alerts can be sent directly to your smartphone, ensuring you a timely response to a potentially dangerous situation.

We also implement Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless LAN networks or hotspots for schools, institutions and organizations that wish to either build a simple client-server computer network, a computer lab or expand the network coverage within their premises.

Why you need Verbum Surveillance CCTV Camera System?

  • Constant Watch: You cannot be at your business or home all the time, but CCTV system can always be there to capture what you would have missed. It gives you 'eyes' to watch over your site 24/7.
  • Evidence: CCTV systems provide the high definition recordings that can be re-produced, zoomed into and slowed down. This can be used to trace and crack down criminal intruders. It can also help with insurance claims.
  • Deterrent to Intruders: The simple fact that CCTV system is installed at your site will likely turn away potential intruders who might have previously broke in because they will see that they are being watched.
  • Customer Service: CCTV system can help you improve customer service, as you can review past interactions of your workers and make corrections. When your workers also knowing that they are being watched more alert and focused.

Verbum Surveillance HD DVR system utilizes HDCVI cameras and can support RG59 siamese cable lengths up to 800ft, making installation a breeze for large properties. With our HD DVR camera system, you are sure of great detail and smooth video images.

You can view our security video recorders over the internet, seeing everything your cameras pick up, from your personal smartphone, tablet or computer. Our systems provide you with a pre-installed hard drive that can be configured for scheduled or motion activated recording with motion alerts.

Feel safe leaving your home and business knowing you can monitor them from anywhere with our security camera systems.

Verbum Surveillance NVR systems use Power-over-Ethernet technology to simplify system setup. Our HD IP cameras use a single network cable for video, audio, power and PTZ control. For wire runs greater than 300ft, our IP NVR systems can be used with a PoE switch to extend the distance of the IP cameras from the NVR. Our NVRs enable remote viewing from a smartphone, tablet, or PC over the Internet or a local network.

Our standalone WiFi cameras are a reliable alternative to wired security camera systems for customers looking to avoid having to run cabling. They are great for a home or business where it is either impossible or cost prohibitive to run security camera cabling. However, wireless cameras still require power from either a 110V AC power outlet or solar panel for continuous operation. WiFi cameras are cameras which connect wirelessly to your wifi Modem or Router, then stream footage to a smartphone application. That way, you can boost your business or home’s security, or install a simple way to keep an eye on your children.

Our WiFi cameras come equipped with 100ft of night vision to see in complete darkness, and remote viewing capabilities from a computer, smartphone, or tablet when internet is available at the system location.

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