From 1836 the years of telegraph to 1996 when portable internet was invented, making life easier and access to different technological advancements came to be. The first question that pops to your mind is probably, “Who started the internet?”. The Internet was developed by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf in the 1970s. They began the design of what we today know as the ‘internet.’ It was the result of another research experiment which was called ARPANET, which stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Where is the future of the Internet headed? We can only assume that the Internet will continue to grow.

We all know that primary colors in the art world are redyellow and blue (RYB). Again, this is based on pigmentation and light reflection.

Through the internet we make use of colors like different software like photoshop, CorelDraw to make images colorful and spotless.

Colors further add beauty to technology because our eyes are always attracted to beautiful things.

Colors are seen in all facet of the industry, from our homes to fashion, printing, movies, animations, to branding, to mention but a few.

Since the combination of two primary colors bring about another colors, that is an advancement which technology also gives us when more ideas are combined and old devices are replaced with more portable and mobile friendly devices.

We can only see beauty with colors and beauty with technology made easy by internet.

At Verbum Networks, we believe in High-speed Technology, graced with customer satisfaction as we keep feeding our client with the latest technological services ranging from VSAT, CCTV, Web and Software Development, etc.

It will be right to say that: Technology makes life colorful when its Verbum Networks.


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