Someone once said that "a terrorist is just a school boy trying to get the attention of the world through threat."

But in our world today, we are faced with a whole lot of fear of the UNKNOWN, from insecurity, to different outburst.

I can recall once upon a time my landlord  said that his house has burglary  and so thieves cannot find their way into his house. well, I laughed inwardly and said  “Sir, let’s just pray to God that thieves don’t see or remember your house because if they do, it will not be funny.” I said that knowing that in this age and time with the level of technology or artificial intelligence merged with natural intelligence, how on earth is it possible for him to think his house cannot be burgled. On the other hand, I looked at his age and how he sees life.

Moving forward, security of our client, is one of our key goals at Verbum Networks. We are not just there to build websites, CCTV, VSAT, Internet Connections to mention but a few, but we ensure that as you stay connected to our   network, you are free from cyber space threats coming from hackers. We provide high standard gadgets to serve you the length of time, we monitor and manage your domain space to ensure you get FIRSTCLASS unwavering support of our team. 

Our topnotch gadgets and services keeps you on our first class treat and we give our client 100% assurance that even when there is blood on the streets, YOU can still buy properties…hahahaha. Why don’t you just close your eyes, sleep and let us stay awake for you effortlessly.

We full ground… we dey wait.

The big question is: WHY ARE YOU NOT ON VERBUM NETWORKS???





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