Using a person’s name in conversation creates a culture of respect, recognition and consideration for the discussion. This is so important because if you consider a conversation that goes in the opposite direction, individuals may be left wondering if they should have even been talking to that person. There is so much that is attached or tied to everything in life today, from their colors; most times we can tell the name of a Brand and the services they render. In bit of safeguarding the name which involves them giving their best to ensure that wherever that name is mentioned, people have good things to say about it.

Your name is what people call you, right? It’s part of your identity, a label, a saying. Your NAME is your IDENTITY, how you are  recognized and what you respond to. Most people put a lot of value in their name, and they should! It’s part of who they are. A famous quote from Dale Carnegie is, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

When using someone’s name, there are a few considerations you may want to take according to changing minds:

•             Acknowledge identity: A person’s name is part of who they are. Using their name is like handling the person, so be careful with it.

•             Grab attention. Using someone’s name can be an effective way of breaking into conversation. It can also be effective when a person seems distracted or has disappeared off into their own head.

We acknowledge our clients and always like them to identify with our Brand anywhere they may be, we believe that we have what it takes and the right attitude and output to put you FIRST. To stick to our NAME, we always stand by you at Verbum Networks.

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