As you are probably already awareWhatsApp went down worldwide on Monday, leaving millions of users incommunicado and looking for alternative solutions to their messaging needs.

With Facebook and Instagram also down, we thought some recommendations might come in handy. Below are some messaging app options offering the best privacy and security:


For a while now, Telegram has been many people's back-up plan to WhatsApp and it can be used on a range of devices, offering secure communication.

You can also transfer your chats from WhatsApp and other apps to Telegram. This is done simply by entering the desired chat and choosing 'export chat' and then selecting Telegram and then the desired receiving chat.


Discord Messenger

The Discord app works with desktop and mobile platforms. This app began as a platform aimed at the gaming community, it has grown to offer a range of tools and uses, including everyday messaging.

Discord's popularity has only multiplied in recent years, with the app now reaching over 250 million registered users. If you're looking to get a group together to play games, communicate easily to an entire server of some game players, or just hang out online with a small group of friends to chat about whatever interests you, then, Discord is the app for you.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a free, multiplatform messaging service that puts privacy and security first. With secure messaging, voice calls, group chats, video calls, and even stickers, Signal is an uncompromising app that doesn't exploit its users.

Line Messenger

LINE messenger is transforming the way people communicate, closing the distance between family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. Available all around the world, the LINE platform continues to grow, always offering new services and features that make your life more convenient and fun.


Viber is a free chat application with a user interface that is very simple and user-friendly. The basic chatting activities include sending messages, making voice and video calls, while the more advanced systems include creating Viber stickers and GIFs.

Viber is only free when you talk to people that also use the app. In case you want to connect with people that do not use the program, Viber offers a service called Viber Out that you can pay for.

Not many people use some of the above messaging apps. So that means you are going to have to convince your friends and family to download it too.

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